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Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Story of A* and I

I know that I spend a lot of time here talking about A*, so I thought that it might be helpful if I wrote a little bit about our meeting.
I was always the type of girl that had to have a boyfriend. I went through my whole high school career never single. I don't know why (I would probably need a therapist for that, and that is opening up a whole can of worms that I would rather let stay there), but I felt incomplete if I didn't have a guy. By the time I was in college, I realized that I had a problem. Slowly but surely, I tried to fix it. I didn't want to be "that girl" who depends on a man for her whole life. My mom and my grandmother are both extremely strong women role models in my life, and they have never waited for anyone to do anything for them... they do it themselves. I tried to model myself after them, with marginal success.
So it came to be that I was 21 and my boyfriend (soon to be fiance, he had the ring, but that is another post) decided that he was a big prick and slept with someone else. Well, it was as good a time as any for me to practice my independant woman skills. That is, after I spent a couple of months drinking myself into a stupor, crying about said prick.
I made it a year. And I actually had a lot of fun and was very proud of myself. I hung out with friends, I made my own decisions, I didn't have to answer to anyone. I had a good time. But then I realized that I wanted the companionship. I was ready to try the whole relationship thing again.
I asked my friend if her fiance had any cute friends that I could meet. She thought for a minute, and then her eyes lit up. "A*!" she told me. "He is the only one of B-'s friends that I can even stand. He is really nice and funny, and I think that you would really like him."
So we made plans. My friend and I were to meet up with her fiance and A* at a little bar. We were already there when A* and B- came in. My first thought, honestly, upon laying eyes on A* was "Wow, he is really short. I hope that I'm not taller than him."
A* sat next to me in the booth and I was at once impressed with his easygoing manner and the way that he made me feel comfortable right away. He asked me questions that let him get to know me, but were not the standard, boring questions that you would expect. He also had a great smile. And when we stood up to leave, I was relieved to notice that I was exactly the same height as him.
We went back to B- and my friend's apartment. Here is where I ran into my first problem of the night... B- and my friend sat on the couch. There were two recliners in the room, and A* plopped down on one. Now, should I sit in the other recliner, therefore seeming rude and that I wasn't interested? Should I sit in the recliner with him, therefore seeming eager and pushy? Should I sit on the floor, only seeming nerdy? Should I sit on the couch with B- and my friend, therefore making them move down and causing a big production? Why are there no instructions on this?
A* solved my dilemma by smiling that great smile of his at me and patting the spot next to him on the recliner. I frowned a little, like it was something that I wasn't 100% comfortable with it, and gingerly sat on the edge of the chair. Right away, I noticed that he smelled good. I am a sucker for smells. As the night wore on, A*'s hand crept around my back. I let it stay there. The hand wandered down to my knee, and started rubbing. I let it stay there. The hand began to travel up, and I picked it up and put it back in his lap. He never even glanced away from the TV. The sneaky hand again tried to come around the front. I picked it up again and put it in his lap. I snuck a peek at him, and saw him trying to restrain a grin. I was a little insulted. Did he think he was going to get a piece the very first night that I met him?
By the way... when asked about this incident today, A* will admit that he tried to feel me up in the recliner, and further questioning reveals that had I been willing, he would have slept with me that night too. But, he is quick to point out, he would not have called me again. He says, "Any guy will see if he can get some ass when he first meets a girl, but if she is respectable enough to say no, she can be his girlfriend." Guys are so dumb sometimes.
I will continue the saga tomorrow. I know that you will be on the edge of your seat!


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