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Friday, September 09, 2005

The Story of A* and I, Part II

Please see yesterday's entry to familiarize yourself with the first part of the story. I am going to continue where I left off...
So, after A* tried unsecessfully to molest me on the recliner, we decided that it was time to leave B- and my friend alone. They were not basking in the light of a new attraction, and were trying to keep their eyes open while the two of us wrestled together. I told A* that I wanted some ice cream. At this point, he didn't realize my total addiction to the stuff, and just thought that it was a good idea. We picked a Steak and Shake restaraunt that was close by our friend's apartment, because it was open 24 hours and it was already about 1 am, and because they have killer milkshakes. We got into my car and started off. As we are driving down the road, I am just talking to A*, oblivious to everything else, when he suddenly interrupts me and says, "Uh, D, my door isn't closed." Well, I didn't think that he was an idiot before, but maybe I was mistaken. "So close it!" I said. He showed me how he could slam the car door as hard as he could, and it would still not close. So now we are driving down the street, in the middle of the night, and A* is hanging on for dear life so that he won't fall out onto the road. He had to roll down the window, stick his arm out, and hold the door shut manually with his hand so that he didn't become road kill. I was highly embaressed.
A* told me that I should just stop at a gas station and he could probably fix the problem. So I did, and he couldn't. We ended up having to go to a 24 hour grocery store and buy a roll of duct tape. A* put the tape all around the door frame, and then had to get in the driver's side, climb over all of the stuff I had piled in the middle of the seat, and get into his.
By this time I didn't even want to sit somewhere and eat ice cream, so we went through the drive-thru and I took A* back to his car. I was sure that he would never want to speak to me again, since I had just almost killed him. I was preparing myself for the brush off, when A* asked me if he could have my number. I gave it to him, and then he reached over the seat and gave me a kiss. It was nice. Very nice.
Then I had to get out of the car, so that he could climb over the seat again and get out.
He called me 2 days later, and we set up our first date. I remember the first message that he left for me, the first time that he called.
~~~~~~~~"What's up, D, this is A*. Um, I didn't call yesterday because I didn't want to seem
~~~~~~~~ like a loser. Call me back whenever you get a chance. My number is xxx-xxxx. I
~~~~~~~~ hope to hear from you soon. Again, my number is xxx-xxxx. Okay, bye.

Coming soon- our first date, another disaster, at least according to him. How did we ever make it this far?


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