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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Random Thoughts on my Fake Wedding

A* and I have a wedding to attend this weekend. I am looking forward to it for the following reasons...
1. Free drinks (open bar baby!)
2. Free food
3. I get to dress up
4. A* has to dress up too.
And I must admit, we do clean up pretty nice.

All of this wedding talk has led me to think of mine. Well, my ficticious wedding, since I have never been married and it doesn't look like I will be in the near future. A* is dragging his feet. Actually, that isn't fair, because I know that he just can't afford an engagement ring. But just for fun, let me tell you about my fairy tale wedding.

First of all, the dress. The most important item of any wedding. My dress will be a Cindarella dress, the most poufy, sparkly, obnoxious dress ever made. I will literally knock people over with all the crinoline under my skirt. I could hide small children under there. I will wear a tiara, with a veil attached to it. I will instruct my father's (I have a stepdad and a dad, and both of them will walk me down the aisle) that they have to be neat about lifting up the veil. I don't want it to look all weird and bunched up in the back.

The reception will, of course, have many many alchoholic beverages, available to all free of charge. I will have a DJ that is ready to party all night long. Screw these weddings where the thing ends at 11. For God's sakes, at 11 people are just feeling their buzz. This is when the fun really starts. This is when you get to laugh at all your friends as they make fools of themselves dancing like idiots. How can you give that up? No, our party will last far into the night.

These are the most important details to me. The dress, the alchohol, and the dancing/partying. Everything else is just icing on the (huge, chocolate with butter cream, flower adorned) cake. Flowers? Ah, something simple and beautiful. Decorations? Something classy and simple. I'm not a high society girl, my family is more comfortable around the kitchen table than a gormet restaraunt. I can just imagine them, all in their finery, drunk and loud and wonderful.

My wedding will rock. Now I just need to find someone to marry me. A*, get on the ball!!


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