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Monday, December 08, 2008

Grown Up Things

Gazing at my son, I realize something horrible. I'm supposed to be a grown-up now, responsible for a whole other human life. An adult! And most of the time, that is quite the opposite of what I am.

I always turn the music up as loud as it can go, and sing at the top of my lungs, and sometimes use objects to be my pretend microphones. I dance around like a maniac. I stand on furniture to really belt it out.

I am drawn to all things glittery or shiny or sparkly. If I could wear a tiara everyday without getting strange looks, I would. I half-way believe that I was either a fairy or a princess in some past life. I paint my nails with pink glitter polish and coat my mouth with bubble gum flavored lip gloss.

Tinkerbelle is my bitch. I wanted to watch the new movie, and invited a two year old over so that I would have a friend. I watched the movie, she played with the cats. She was not impressed.

I sometimes want to just keep driving and driving and see where I end up. Or just pick up and move to a different city, where no one knows me and I could totally reinvent myself.

When I am sick or upset, I still want my mommy.

I eat a diet that consists of fast food, boxed dinners, and ready-made brownies. And I'm not apologizing for it- that shit is good!

I watch all the animated Christmas movies every year, and the original Frosty is my favorite. I love Christmas, and I really love presents. I like to receive better than give most of the time. I almost still believe in Santa.

I laugh loudly and without consideration for others around me. I often snort and hit people when I laugh. Farting still makes me giggle. People falling cracks me up. I like to eat candy and I like to roast marshmallows and I like to put on costumes and I like to play make over with my friends and I still go down the doll aisle in the toy store and I still sleep with a Cabbage Patch doll and I don't like to be in the dark alone.

Actually, after reading this over, I'm glad I'm not a grown-up. One of the coolest things about having a kid is that you get to do all this stuff all over again and see it through new eyes.

"Forget them… forget them all. Come away to Never Never Land.
Come with me, we’ll never…never have to worry about grown-up things again."

-Peter Pan


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