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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Yay, we went to the doctor yesterday and he said that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the Peanuts eyes. Interesting Fact: he said that at least twenty percent of the population has one pupil larger than the other. Other interesting fact... the doctor was wearing high heeled cowboy boots. Leather, with a fancy design. With dress pants. My MIL was with me and she was standing behind him gesturing to the shoes (boots) and laughing. Also, the doctor was kind of a dick. I mean, you are a pediatrician... pediatric opthamologist. So that means that you should be used to working with kids. And I know he's only four months old but you could talk to him, couldn't you? He just bustled all into the room and started barking orders... "Hold him straight on your lap. Hold his head still. Put your hand right there and hold him still."

Also, I hate when they ask you if this is your first kid. Like I am just one of those hysterical mothers who runs her kid to the doctor everyday because I am a first time mom and worry too much. No, I honestly had a concern about my son so I'm going to look into it. I don't think that is a first time mom thing, I think it is an anything mom thing, because something is wrong with my kid! Oh, and they kept telling me that he wasn't really four months old, because he was premature. So next August will we say, nope sorry, you're really only eleven months old so no birthday party for you! I think as soon as he was out of my body he was out, and that's how old he is.

So I'm really looking forward to tonight. After we put the baby to bed we are going to have a nice steak dinner and some wine. I guess that's what it comes down to when you are parents... we don't go out on the night before Thanksgiving "the biggest bar night of the year", instead we stay in and will probably be in bed by 11. At the latest. Oh well, it will still be nice to have some QT with my husband.

And then tomorrow- the great drive of the holidays. We have to go to my aunt's house first and then come back to my MIL's. And the Peanut will be passed around and around and he'll be so irritated by the time we get home. But I plan on giving him just a tiny bite of mashed potatoes. So he'll feel some holiday spirit.


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