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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

One of Those Days

I was bolted from sleep this morning at 4:30 a.m. by a screaming baby... and the day just never seemed to get better after that.

The Peanut threw up the entire contents of his morning bottle all over the front of himself and me. The puke even soaked in my underwear, and thankfully it also got on the front of the glider in his room, therefore necessitating both clothes changing AND chair scrubbing when all the reasonable people are still in bed.

The cool thing is that then I welcomed my monthly "Aunt Flo" (or whatever cutesy name you want to use so that we might forget what it actually is). Sweet.

I am a home health aide for a woman that lives in the same apartment complex as we do, so I bundled up the Peanut and we went down there for a little while, where I discovered that she had almost cut off the circulation in her wrist by wearing a rubber band overnight and then she fought me about taking her shower. That was fun, too.

The Peanut and I braved the cold once more to come home and realize surprise! I had locked the door behind me and didn't have the keys! House keys, car keys... and it was snowing and I didn't have a coat on. Thank God my MIL lives very close by, so we tromped back there and I borrowed her car to go and get some spare keys from A*.

Of course Peanut didn't want his afternoon nap, and of course I dropped a greasy slice of pizza on the floor that I had just cleaned. And then of course I was sitting on the toilet when I realized that we were out of toilet paper.

Just one of those days. What happened on your last one?


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