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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Bad Habit

I have a bad habit. Occasionally I ruin surprises. Occasionally I may make A* want to pull out his hair due to my enthusiastic surprise ruin-ness. I think I did it again.

Okay, back when A* and I first moved in together, I told him that I wanted a cat. I told him over and over again how I needed a cat, had to have a cat. A* doesn't even LIKE cats, but I chose to overlook this. One day at work, a girl told me that she had two kittens at home, and she was only able to keep one. I was over at her house as soon as my shift was over, and as soon as I saw that little bundle of black and white fur I was in love, and took my kitty home that very day. I was upset when A* wasn't overjoyed with excitement at the new member of our family. Finally I got it out of him... it was about a month till Christmas, and A* was planning on buying me a kitten and giving it to me on Christmas morning. He even had a plan to put a red ribbon around its neck and lay it on the pillow beside me, so that was the first thing I saw when I opened my eyes that morning. Oops.

On my birthday, I told A* what I wanted. Except, I also told my mom, dad, grandma, aunts, assorted cousins and friends. Needless to say, I got what I wanted, but not from A*. Again, with the surprise ruining. He had already planned to buy me what I wanted, but since we celebrated with my family first, he got the short end of the stick.

Last week, there was an incident of a check. A* made up a huge long story about how this was a bonus check from his boss, but his boss couldn't put it in his paycheck because no one was supposed to know about the bonus, and he couldn't cash it for some reason, and it said "Loan" on the check but really it was a bonus... I really don't know, at this point I had stopped listening. But then I started thinking (always dangerous) and this story really didn't make sense. There were so many holes in it and I just couldn't get it. I asked him again, and bless his heart he gave me the same 45 minute story. But something still wasn't right. I nagged and nagged him, picking apart the story and examining it from every angle. Finally, A* exploded.

"Okay!" he yelled. "Okay, it wasn't really a bonus. I got that money on a personal check so that you wouldn't know about it. I was using it for a surprise, something to do with my proposal to you, but since you have to KNOW EVERYTHING THAT IS GOING ON you figured it out. There. I lied."

I felt in equal parts elated and depressed. On the one hand, A* is actually thinking and planning a proposal to me... we don't just have the ring for looks!! On the other, I had ruined things again. So I did what any girl would do... I cried.

A* ended up feeling bad for making me cry, and was quick to insist that I didn't "ruin" anything, just made it a little less surprising. I babbled that I was sorry, I never meant to spoil anything... and A* patted my hand and said,
"Just try and let me do things sometimes, okay? Just let me be the guy once in a while."

I think I can handle that.


  • At 12:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    God You are anonying.
    How can he stand you?
    You act like a spolied brat.

    Grrr, i can't even stand people like you and reading this make me puke. People like you that ruin surprises and wants to be the 'man' in the house SUCKS.


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