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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Bad Day

Sometimes, life sucks, and this is one of those times. I am sitting here, at 8:00 at night, at A*'s work. "Why?" the more curious of you may ask. Because he is fixing the car. "But D," someone in the back says, "weren't you just there the other day while A* fixed the car?" And to this I would have to answer Yes, yes I was. And now someone is surely going to tell me to stop writing in this stupid conversation thing, and I will.

The Story of the Car(s). See, we had one car. And that was fine, and we loved the car. On Saturday it started making a very unpleasant grinding noise. A* told me it was the brakes, and he could fix them, because he is really good with that car stuff. Sunday morning he went out to fix the brakes, and there was a problem. Now, I don't know anything about cars, so I'll spare you the detals. I know it had something to do with a bolt being stripped, and he couldn't get the calipers (??) off, so he couldn't fix the brakes.

But! There was a solution. We couldn't afford to get that car fixed right away, but we were already planning on buying another car, and the girl that we were getting it from was nice enough to let us make payments. So see, no problem there. We would just give her the first payment, and that would be the end of that. A car that worked. Perfect.

So A* put oil in the new car, and drove down to my work to pick me up. And I was very excited to see the new car, only because it was running and I like a car that can actually go. A* graciously allowed me to take the drivers seat, so I could experience the new car. It was very nice. Until I noticed the smoke that was billowing out from under the hood. Then I REALLY didn't like it when a little buzzer came on and a red light that said "Engine Overheating" came on. I pulled over to the side, and A* yelled "Fuck" a couple times and tried to look under the hood. He couldn't figure out what the problem was, but he did see the huge puddle of something that had leaked out of the car.

About twenty minutes later, the tow truck came. And the girl that sold us the car, because she felt really badly that we had only driven it for about ten minutes and we were already by the side of the road. The car was towed back to A*'s work, so that he could use some of the tools there.

And that is where we stand right now. Exactly 8:00. I have not been to my house since about 6:45 this morning. I have not eaten dinner. I have not taken a shower. I have not even taken off the outfit that I wore to work, even though I haven't liked the shirt I am wearing since the moment I stepped out of the house. And poor A* is on his back in some sand, trying desperately to fix whatever is leaking in the "new" car. So I feel like I can't even bitch, because he is out there working his ass off. But I wanna go home!! I wanna bitch, because this is just not fair!! How can a person have not one, but two, cars that they cannot drive. All in the same week? Actually, all in about three days. God. Sometimes you just want to get in bed, pull the covers up to your chin, and never get out.


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