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Friday, June 21, 2013


I think I've written a total of three fan letters in my life.  The first was when I was about eleven or so and I sent a very! exclamation point! heavy! letter with hand drawn hearts and stars to the OFFICIAL New Kids on the Block fan club.  I got an OFFICIAL NKOTB fan club membership pass and a "signed" poster of the band.  Unfortunately, I did NOT get an RSVP from Joey McIntyre to my next birthday party, which is what I think I asked him about in the letter.  When I first started blogging, I found Stephanie Taylor's blog and then subsequently went out and read all her books, and she was so funny and cool that I just felt like I had to let her know.  And she wrote me back!  And I was thrilled to pieces, just because she had taken the time to read my e-mail and actually reply to me... that just meant the world.  I also wrote to Dooce once upon a time, and I never expected a response from her because, well, she's blog royalty, isn't she? 

So today I left a comment on Amalah's blog and now I feel like a huge dork.  I never know how to come across and I end up trying to be funny and so cool and probably come across as the hugest nerd instead.  I feel like when I'm leaving a comment on someone's blog that I seem stalker-esque; like I've read Amy's blog since she first started it like ten years ago, but I've never been a big commenter so when I do, it's like here is this stranger that you've never heard of that is making familiar comments about your life or your kids and that just seems odd to me.  I guess this is why I'm not in the cool group.  But when you read someone's blog for years and years, you really do feel like you know them somewhat, or kind of know how their family operates.  It's like that friend that you only talk to once every couple of years; you know them in a casual way, or whatever they choose to share with you, but you're not their BFF or even in their contact list; they still have to dig out that scrap of paper you scrawled your phone number on at that bar one time to even remember your number.  When you leave a comment it's almost like a mini fan letter; you're letting someone know that something they've written was enough to make you take a couple seconds out of your day to say something back to them.  And once again, the infrequent comments that I do make are total nerd situations. 

To sum it up, I am a dork and should not come in contact with other humans, especially cool ones.


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