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Thursday, September 22, 2005

I Hate Everyone

Today is one of those days when I just hate everyone. I think everyone sucks and they are all getting on my nerves. I am sitting at my desk listening to the inane conversations of stupid people. Do you ever have those days? I feel like everyone has some kind of vendetta against me... perhaps that is why no one is talking to me, because I am glowering at people over my computer monitor.
Tonight I am having a girl's night at one of my best friend's houses. We are going to wear our pajamas, stuff our faces with pizza, and gossip to our hearts content. Maybe that will blast me out of my funk. A* has been driving me crazy lately, just doing little irritating things over and over. An example~ Every single freaking day we stop at the gas station for gas and put $5 in the tank. Now, we all know gas prices have been through the roof lately, and really, how long is $5 going to last when you only have one car, two people have to go to work, and we are not people who just sit in the house anyway. So I brought up the stupidity of this, telling A* that it would make much more sense if we put more in the tank at the beginning of the week, therefore not requiring us to stop every single day. I just don't like the gas station that much. A* got defensive, said that he liked putting in $5, and the conversation was closed. This morning, when we went to the gas station he put in *gasp* ten whole dollars!! I was so proud of him. I made a point to tell him this, and he says to me, "Well, I still think that its better to just put in the five dollars. I think that we have a slow gas leak, and so if I put in more than that it just leaks back out." Now, that makes total sense to me! Why wouldn't this be information that was shared the very first time that the issue was raised? Then I would have understood the logic behind it and never would have started bitching in the first place. Why, oh why? That is why I need a Girl's Night.

I continue to be retarded and computer illiterate, and cannot figure out how to link to other people's blogs. I know, I know, some of you have tried to help me with this, but again, I am just too dumb. But I read some really great ones and had it not been for these wonderful, funny, and insighful people I wouldn't have even started this blog. So I want to give you the sites for their blogs. Here they are, in random order.


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