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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A* Finds an Apartment

Just wanted to give y'all a little update on the moving process. As I have written previously, A* and I are looking to get out of the ghetto and are searching for a new place to live. This past weekend we drove around for hours, until I stuck to the seat with sweat and exhaustion, viewing every single property that was in the paper over the weekend. We made an extensive list, complete with phone numbers and prices and important stuff like that. We vowed not to go about finding a place like we did last time, where we threw our stuff down at the very first apartment that we looked at and didn't take the time to think about what we really wanted. We promised each other that we would be picky, and not jump on the first thing we saw.
Then we went and saw a townhouse yesterday, the first one that we have actually been inside, and A* is ready to move tomorrow. All of the things that we had agreed on went flying out the window as soon as A* saw new carpet, a basement, and central air. He is planning to send in the application this weekend. Sigh.


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