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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting stressed

Okay, so I love Christmas as much as the next person. Maybe even more. I mean, I believed in Santa until I was like twelve, and cried the entire Christmas that I finally admitted it to myself. But I cannot stand all the running around, who is going to be where, why aren't you staying at our house for desert, crazy relatives wanting you to be in thirty six places all at once.

My mom just called and said that A* and I need to tell her if we are going to my stepdad's parent's house for Christmas Eve. First of all, they are weird about "outsiders". This is the first year that A* has been invited, even though we have lived together for three. Unless you are married to a member of the family, are a child of a member of the family, or an actual member of the family, you are excluded. The last two Christmas' I told them that I would not be attending Christmas Eve, because I thought it was shitty that they didn't invite A*. Now, this year they are extending an invitation, but I can't help thinking~ is it just because I made a big fuss? Is he really welcome? He hasn't even met most of these people. However, my grandma is really really sick, and this could very possibly be her last Christmas. So I would feel like a real asshole if I didn't go. A* will not want to go, I already know. I think he still feels the sting of being a non-family member. I guess I will just go for a little while to make an appearence, but I don't know if A* will be with me.

Then on the actual Christmas day, we have to go to my mom's house and A*'s sister's house. We have to coordinate with A*'s nephew's schedule, because he has to go to his dad's. We have to coordinate with my aunt's schedule, because she has to go to my uncle's parent's. I hate all the coordination and fussing about schedules. Is it just me or was Christmas supposed to be a joyous time? If we don't force down two huge dinners, then we will be accused of liking one household's food over the others. If we decline desert, the pie makers will become huffy. If we have to leave right after present opening, we are rude. This is a no win situation. And the thing is? A* and I will be spending the majority of this holiday in the car, frantically trying to compete with all the others that are speeding to their fourth meal of the day.

The day after Christmas, you would think could be a relaxing day that you DON'T have to spend in the car, but you would be wrong. Because that is the day that we have to go to my father's house, to celebrate with the woman he married, otherwise known as that bitch that I hate. We will pretend to be able to stand each other for a couple of hours and force ourselves to eat yet again, even though we are still stuffed from the day before. My dad and his wife keep the thermostat at like 55, so we will also be freezing. We will open presents that no one really wants, because I think that bitch I hate buys ugly stuff for us on purpose, just so that we have to brave the store and take it back. My dad has already given me money to purchase both her AND him presents, because he doesn't think that I am responsible enough to remember. Well, I would remember him, but I may convieniently forget about her. Then the next day, we go back to work.

I don't remember Christmas being this much work when I was a child.


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