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Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Guy

My husband has given his heart to someone else... and his name is Randy.

Randy is the new guy at A*'s workplace. At first, I heard that Randy was "kind of weird." But also, nice. And then I started hearing more and more about Randy. Randy listens to some of the same music that A* does! Randy is very religious but doesn't shove it down your throat so A* can ask him biblical questions he's always wanted to know the answers to! Randy has a girlfriend and asks A* for advice! Randy is working really hard and learning all kinds of new things from, you guessed it, A*. All in all, Randy JUST ROCKS!!

The other day, the Randy story was how A* stuck up for him when he was unfairly reprimanded at work. I asked A* if he loved Randy, and he said, "Well, I kind of feel like he's my little brother or something." That was so cute and sweet, I couldn't make fun of him (much) for it.

Everywhere A* goes, he makes friends. At McDonald's, he is friendly with the girl that works the counter, and he especially likes the special boy who works the fry grill. At Subway, he has recieved many free subs and cookies from the workers there. At the gas station, they know his name and already have his purchases laid out for him. And everyday, I get to hear about all of these people, and what they said, and the free things that they gave A*, and really way more than I want to know about anyone that I have never met.

Now he has taken Randy under his wing, and I wonder if Randy knows just how much of our after work conversation revolves around him. Or how much A* seems to enjoy his company. Or really, just how lucky he is that A* has decided that he is a worthy cause, and will stick up for him like a little brother. I hope that he realizes this, because being loved by my husband is a pretty special thing.

I should know.


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