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Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I had a new job, for about five seconds. Actually, I was training for a new job for about a month, and then started it for five seconds.

My mom saw an ad in her town's paper for this job, and thought it would be something that I would really do well and enjoy. Also, it was work from home, so I wouldn't have to get a baby-sitter for the Peanut. It sounded perfect. I sent them my resume and they called and scheduled me for an interview. The interview was at the lady's house, and she and her assistant were dressed in jeans and t-shirts. The assistant was whispering asides to the other woman the whole time, like "Don't forget to tell her about this." and "Do you need me to move my car?" I don't know why these things were secret, but whatever. A brief discription of the job, and I was hired. I wasn't even really interviewed. The Boss Lady told me that I had been their first choice and that they were so glad when I called them back. I was flattered and really looking forward to the new job.

The first tinge of something was when I told my BFF that I had gotten a new job, she asked me what it was, turned out she knew of a girl that had worked for the same lady and she thought something had gone wrong. BFF checked with her, and it turned out this girl had worked for the exact same lady and had been delayed in getting paid for months and months, until her husband finally called Boss Lady and said they would have to take legal action if his wife wasn't paid. THEN Boss Lady said to this girl when she finally gave her the check THAT SHE WORKED FOR, Boss Lady said, "I hope you know that I had to borrow money from my mom to give you this." Hmmmm.

But I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt, mostly because this seemed like a dream job to me and I really wanted it to work out. First, there was the driving. I wasn't working from home because I was driving around the whole state all day. Picking things up, dropping papers off. The locations that I had to go to were at least 45 minutes away. I had to drag the Peanut out, only to turn around and put him back in the car. One of them was in a really bad part of town.

I was training this whole time, and finally I got my first real work. I sat down to do it... and an hour later I was done. For weeks I had been training, and this is what I got? I figured it out, and I had made $16. For what was supposedly a whole week's work.

The following day, I emailed Boss Lady to ask her what I had to do the next day. Of course, I knew it would be driving somewhere. I sent the email at around 6:30 in the morning. At around 8, I checked again. And 8:30. And 9:00. You get the picture. Until I had to leave for my other job at 10, I kept checking and there was no response. So I figured there was nothing to do, and went on ahead with my day. At around 12:30, I checked again, and there was a reply. It said I needed to go and pick something up by 10:30 that day. The email was sent at 10:46. Wha?

The final straw was when A* learned of yet another former employee that wasn't paid. I wrote her another email and told her that it just wasn't working out. I know, it was cowardly to write an email, but I am so not good with confrontation of any kind. Seriously. I actually threw up this morning because I was so stressed out about all of this.

Now I'm relieved, sort of, but really just disappointed. I wanted this to work out. It was something that I actually enjoyed doing. I was glad to have two jobs to be helping out my family.

I guess if it looks too good to be true, it must be too good to be true. (Except my husband. )

*********** In case you're interested, this is my 100th post. 100 posts, two or three moves, two or three cars, one marriage, lots of crying, lots of Zoloft, one baby, some more crying, and the whole time, no one really cared. Yay me!***************************************************


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