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Monday, October 24, 2005

Watch Me Do the Happy Dance...

And then collapse from exhaustion. We got an apartment... A* just called me at work and told me the good news. The drawback? We need to be moved out of our old place and into the new one by the end of this weekend. Have I started packing, or even thought about packing? Of course not. So now I have to get all of my apartment packed and moved over to another one, in the middle of working full time and doing all the other stuff (mostly just sitting on my ass and watching TV) that needs to be done. God, my clothes alone could take weeks to move. A* told me that I have to get rid of some things, and that just sends me straight into a panic. I still have clothes from high school, in sizes that are smaller than my shoes, and I just keep thinking that maybe someday I might be able to fit back into them. So I hold on to them, and pray, and stuff my face. sigh. At least I will have a brand new place to be fat in!!

This weekend I went out to dinner with an old friend from high school, and it was so nice to see her. We haven't talked for at least three years, and out of the blue she emailed me and asked if I would like to get together. It was so great!! We laughed and caught up with everything, and made plans to see each other again soon. She is one of those friends that whenever we are together we cannot stop laughing. It doens't matter where we are, or what we are talking about, we both will collapse into giggles. We were in choir together, and her parent's took video's of each concert. You can watch us up there on the risers, pinching each other and snorting with laughter. I don't think that we ever sang, just caused commotion. The music teacher would seperate us everyday, but we had worked out a system of secret signals and hand gestures, so we still managed to communicate. God that girl can make me laugh. I am so glad that we are talking again.

If you have been reading, you may have known that I had sent my best friend a card after not talking to her for months. I basically told her that I missed her and wished that we could talk, and gave her my new cell phone number. She never responded. I guess that's it, then. I guess I can't do anything more than I already did, and the ball is in her court. Still miss her like crazy, though.

Anyone that wants to come over this week and help me pack, you are welcome. I might even give you some free pizza and beer, if you're lucky. I'll be the one on the couch, watching America's Next Top Model and clutching a pair of size don'teven wanttosay jeans.

Come on over!!!


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