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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Lately I have been noticing something disarming about myself... I seem to need a set time for every single thing that I do, no matter what. Now, this is a little weird to me, because normally, I am one of the most disorganized people that you will ever meet. Seriously. At this very minute clothes are being vomited out of my closet, because I can't be bothered to put them away. My desk is almost unrecognizable as any kind of furniture, it is so covered with papers and crap. But for some reason, my brain has to schedule.

Every morning when we are driving to work, I make A* list all of the things that we have to do that night. For example, he has to say, "I'll get home from work, I'll take a shower, we'll have dinner, we'll watch TV, we'll go to bed." And if for some reason we differ from the schedule, well, this just makes me very aggitated. On the weekends it is worse, because then I have a whole day to plan out. It has to be "Wake up, watch TV, go to breakfast, go to the store, come home, etc..." for the entire weekend. I know this is anal and I don't know why I have to do it. Why can't I just live a carefree existence, where each block of time is not accounted for?

In the same vein as this, I feel that there are certain times to do certain things. This fits into the schedule, if it is worked out correctly. I don't think anyone should eat dinner before 5. 5 is the magic number for dinner in my head. I can remember my mom trying to eat dinner at, say, 4:45 because we had to be somewhere, and me throwing a fit because IT IS NOT FIVE!! However, you shouldn't be eating past 7, either. Therefore, there is a slim window of alloted dinner time. The problem that I have been running into lately is that A* is not adhering to the schedule. I have been eating dinner at least at 7:30, sometimes 8. And this is just not acceptable. It really bothers me, but when I say something, he gets mad.

Recent conversation:
ME: "Um, are you going to get in the shower soon?"
HIM: "Why?"
ME: "Well, it is 6:30 and we haven't even eaten yet..."
HIM: "For God's sake, D, do we have to do everything by a schedule??!!! Just let me shower in peace, woman!"

So you see, A* doesn't really get the whole schedule thing. In fact, I myself don't really get the schedule thing. It would make more sense if I was just an anal type of person, but I'm not. I don't know where this comes from, or why.

But so help me God, if I am not done with my dinner tonight by 7, well, there will just be some problems.


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