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Thursday, November 08, 2012

DishGate 2012

My husband and I are getting along better, and I’m trying harder not to get annoyed at EVERY SINGLE THING he does. But that’s not what this post is about… I’m here to talk about DishGate 2012.

I’m usually in charge of all household chores with the exception of laundry and vacuuming; those are A*’s responsibilities and things generally work out just fine. About 3 months ago I let the dishes go for a couple days and they were really piling up (we don’t have a dishwasher). I was feeling really angry towards those dishes, so I made a deal with A* to exchange, um, certain sexual favors if he did the dishes. It was even a two parter; one part of the deal would be handled that very day upon agreement of washing the dishes, and then the other part would occur once the dishes were actually done. A* agreed, and may I just say WHOLEHEARTEDLY, to this deal, and I followed through on the first part. And the dishes continued to sit there. And sit there. Then we moved, and it was kind of sudden, and A* packed up DIRTY DISHES. I know, you guys, I know how gross this is. He put dirty dishes into big black trash bags and drug them to the new place. Where they sat. And sat. And seriously, they are still sitting there. I’m totally not joking; I REFUSE to do these dishes. Every night when it is time for dinner, I wash a plate for myself, a plate for my son, silverware for us, and any cooking instruments that I may need. I WILL NOT BUDGE!

I know this is stubborn and childish, but *said in a whiny voice* I don’t care. I’ve already held up my portion of the deal and I just will not give in. My kitchen may be disgusting and my cupboards may be bare, but the dishes will stay in the sink, dirty, until my husband does them. So there.


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