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Thursday, February 23, 2006


Just for the record, I am one of the world's worst liars. My face turns bright red, my eyebrows go up into my hairline, and I can't look people in the eye when I attempt to lie. This really foiled my efforts as a teenager, because my mom ALWAYS knew if I was lying. The other thing that is a dead give away is the fact that I can't just say something simple, I have to make up an elaborate story to go along with the lie. In the end, this just makes whatever I am saying more UNbelievable, because I end up saying ridiculous stuff for way longer than the lie entails.

Today I decided that I wanted to rearrange my desk at work. I have two monitors and then a bunch of desk crap. Well, the real reason I wanted to move things around is because both monitors faced the aisle and I was getting in trouble for being on the internet. (hello, reading blogs) So I wanted to move one monitor so it was facing the other direction. I did all this work, spent half the afternoon under my desk trying to rearrange cords and moving things just so. All I really had to say about this move, if anything, was that I didn't feel like I had enough room so I changed things around. Simple, right?

Instead, I concocted this whole story about the placement of monitors and writing room on my desk and where the phone is, etc etc. WAY more than what needed to be said. Now I have everything all rearranged and I DON'T LIKE IT!! But taking into account all the fuss that I made, I feel like I can't put things back. Now I just feel stupid.

And my desk looks stupid and I have to turn my neck to an uncomfortable angle to look at the other monitor. AAAHHH!!


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