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Monday, February 04, 2013


You know how annoying it is when people make you listen to that mix tape that just totally relates to their experience and life RIGHT NOW and isn’t that so amazing and really you want to poke that person’s eyes out because it is really boring to hear this? Yeah, you might want to just stop reading right now, then, cause this is my fucking blog and no one in real life wants to hear it so here you go.

“You Don’t Bring Me Flowers” by Barbara Streisand and Neil Diamond

Okay, a little old fashioned and gay but seems to fit A* and I PERFECTLY!! I will bold the REALLY relavant parts, here’s the words…

“You don’t bring me flowers

You don't sing me love songs

You hardly talk to me anymore

When you come through the door

At the end of the day Because he totally USED to be so romantic and I loved it so much. I never had any doubts that he loved me more than anything, I never even knew that feeling.

I remember when

You couldn't wait to love me

Used to hate to leave me Because he used to do whatever I wanted as long as it meant that he could be beside me, and he never complained and he was always up for whatever, and I was the same because the most important thing was that we were together.

Now after lovin' me late at night

When it's good for you

And you're feeling alright

Well, you just roll over

And you turn out the light

You don't bring me flowers anymore

It used to be so natural

To talk about forever We never had any doubt what so ever that we were together forever, no matter what happened we were in it for the rest of our lives and we would work out any kind of problem together.

But 'used to be's' don't count anymore

They just lay on the floor

'Til we sweep them away But we certainly don’t have that kind of faith in our relationship now.

And baby, I remember

All the things you taught me

I learned how to laugh Damn we used to do so much laughing.

And I learned how to cry

Well I learned how to love

Even learned how to lie Everyone against us, us against the world, not letting anyone know anything about what was really going on.

You'd think I could learn

How to tell you goodbye You would think that after all the shit that has happened, I could just be done and not have any question that it was the right decision, not missing you so much it hurts all the time.

'Cause you don't bring me flowers


Well, you'd think I could learn

How to tell you goodbye

'Cause you don't bring me flowers


Are you emotional yet? I sure am. I will only do a couple more to spare anyone that is still reading but I might have to make this a regular feature. Heartbreak Breakdown? That sounds really stupid, I’ll have to work on that. Anyway, next song.

“Please Don’t Leave Me” by Pink

I really could probably just put this entire song in bold, but I’ll try to restrain myself.

"Please Don't Leave Me”

I don't know if I can yell any louder,

How many times have I kicked you out of here? When we fought all the time I would always threaten him by telling him to get out, get out, this is all my stuff. And of course I’m totally a yeller, so it was probably after yelling.

Or said something insulting?

I can be so mean when I wanna be,

I am capable of really anything,

I can cut you into pieces,

When my heart is, broken. Basically you hurt me so I’m gonna hurt you back. Also I know him so well I know exactly what to say to hurt him the worst, and vice versa for him.

Please don't leave me [x2]

I always say how I don't need you

But it's always gonna come right back to this

Please don't leave me Literally I say the words I don’t need you but when it comes right down to it I’m begging you to stay.

How did I become so obnoxious,

What is it with you that makes me act like this,

I've never been this nasty, I have thought to myself, I hate the person that I am when I’m with him. I can’t believe what a negative, bitter person I can become.

Can't you tell that this is all just a contest?

The one that wins will be the one that hits the hardest,

But baby I don't mean it,

I mean it, I promise

Please don't leave me [x2]

(Don't leave me)

I always say how I don't need you

But it's always gonna come right back to this

Please don't leave me

I forgot to say out loud,

How beautiful you really are to me,

I can't be without,

You're my perfect little punching bag,

And I need you,

I'm sorry. I’m always so busy telling you what you’ve done wrong and all the ways you’ve hurt me that I forget how wonderful you actually are and how thankful I am to have you in my life and I’m sorry about everything mean I said.

Please don't leave me

(I) I always say how I don't need you,

But it's always gonna come right back to this,

(Please, Please) Please don't leave me,

Baby, please, please don't leave me.

Well thank you so much for listening to anyone that lasted. Like I said, even I know this is boring to people but like I said, my motherfucking blog. Trying not to be so sad all the time and maybe something different, but oh hell, it’s still sad as anything. Fuck.


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